A quick history of Chris & Justin Radio!

Chris & Justin were two semi-(ab)normal people, attending Clarkson University in the fall of 1996 when they first met. The less-than-great Kevin Rockwood of Troy, NY introduced our heros just before Thanksgiving that fall. Both were skeptical of the other, there was no doubt.

At the time, Chris was president of K2CC, the Clarkson Amateur Radio and Electronics Society, and Justin had more than passing interests in both hobbies. Chris and Mr. Rockwood got Justin up to speed on Amateur Radio rules, regs and so forth while making him a member of the club in the spring of 1997.

In addition to the fun and games of ham radio, Chris & Justin spent thier time studying together, trading homework, and so forth. Amidst the remaining free time Justin got Chris into writing HTML, burning solder and thinking about instruments of the stringed variety.

Fall of 1997 Chris and Justin Radio became a force on the Clarkson Campus, Chris learning electric bass from Justin and the two burning solder on a daily basis. Whether it was salvaging components from an old Tektronix scope or building linear power supplies, Chris and Justin, were on the way to making history.

By the spring they had built up a few working preamps and small amplifiers, and one big 2 X 12 speaker cabinet for Chris.

As fall approached, the engineering shop of Clarkson Radio WTSC-91.1 FM and WNTC 102.9 FM-Cable, became their new home.

By this time, Chris & Justin could just about read each other's minds when it came time to work out problems or brainstorm completely fresh ideas.

Amidst rebuilding the radio stations from the ground up, they took time to experiment with vacuum tubes further... and further.... and... ZAP!!! Even further.

Now, years after starting out tinkering around, salvaging components and getting zapped on a regular basis, Chris & Justin are putting together their website.

The Chris & Justin Radio Mission and Disclaimer

Contained are as many schematics, prints, diagrams, or whatever you want to call them. Our major subject matter: Tube Based Guitar and Bass Amplification. But what is an amp without an instrument? You can also find prints for many instruments as well. And, now, as the world of solid-state is finally catching up to the sound of tubes, we have some solid-state prints too.

Our mission is to provide everyone out there with a resource for these schematics, so they can learn what makes their guitar gear tick, or hum, for that matter.

We are not promoting modifications, home-rebuilds, or the butchering of good equipment. We do feel that there is a lot of room for experimentation out there. Most anyone reading through our site has blown up an amp, bought an old guitar with a warped neck, a damaged pickup, found an old amp at someone's garage sale, flee-market or hamfest, and wondered just how to fix the poor thing.

Chris & Justin Radio provides schematics for those people who want to experiment, to scratch-build, and those who can't find information on their equipment anywhere else. Remember, that the professionals are just that: professional! There are many people out there who restore old equipment to better than new condition, you just have to shop around, and do your research.

For those who wish to experiment, always remember that Electricity = ZAP, and when you are dealing with the innerds of most amplifiers, that zap will be your last, so please please please, don't poke around, even after you've studied all the books, schematics and the amp itself. One wrong move and that's it. You can NEVER be too safe.

Chris & Justin are not in this from any business angle what-so-ever; we are not compensated by any of the manufacturers, nor do we promote the use or sale of their products. We remind you that all designs are legal property of the manufacturer, and are provided as reference material only. Absolutely no warranties or gaurentees are included or implied by the manufactuer or Chris & Justin Radio should you use these schematics to perform your own service, build up your own equipment from scratch, or modify existing equipment. There is NO gaurentee you will not be injured or killed in attempts to use these schematics for the purposes listed previously; you are using this information at your own risk and assume all liability for your actions.

Chris & Justin hope you enjoy the website and stop back often; the collection is always growing.